She is our only focus.

Hospitals are our partners.

The community is the stage.

The Resilient Mom Platform Creates a Safe and Joyful Birth Experience for Women of Color


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UNTIL NOW, there has never been a pregnancy app designed exclusively for women of color that  ensures racially-respectful and community-resourced care.

More than 85% of all pregnant women are on their mobile devices. Around 30% of women download a pregnancy app BEFORE they become pregnant.

Resilient Mom educates and engages women before pregnancy and in its earliest stages to prevent the often severe pregnancy complications that can occur in women who do not obtain medical care before their second and third trimesters.


Resilient Mom also sustains the connection to a new mom of color into her "fourth trimester" to protect women from postpartum complications such as embolism, infection, and depression that are also serious and sometimes fatal.


Is your hospital searching for a way to meaningfully connect with under-resourced women of color in your community and the organizations that care for them?

Resilient Mom is designed to position your hospital's birth experience as a community resource that is racially-respectful and equitable in care.


It encourages women of color to trust your hospital's community of providers as you work in tandem with community leaders, resources, faith-based organizations, and others to provide a compassionate, safer, and healthier continuum of care anchored by a 24-7 smart phone app that a new mom can use anytime and anywhere.



Trust is cultivated peer to peer. Resilient Mom hospitals are encouraged to set up casual peer counseling programs to enable new moms to connect authentically and without judgement with women they look like and feel comfortable with.

Totally connected communication is the cornerstone of Resilient Mom. Our current app includes a peer-to-peer platform for women to connect.


Early engagement through the app and social media, trusted navigation to early prenatal care, peer to peer connection, and ongoing education and support create healthier and safer birth experiences at every Resilient Mom parter hospital and health system around the country.



The Resilient Mom program is a customized version of our original Totally Pregnant hospital application designed to address both medical and non-medical services that have a big impact on maternal and child health outcomes. What we learned with the original app currently in use at more than 14 U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems across the country is that CONNECTING a pregnant mom with an abundance of trust worthy resources creates a healthier and safer birth experience.


We are committed to demonstrating every day that our Resilient Mom hospital app improves the birth experience of women who use it and the overall health of the community.


The goal of the Resilient Mom program is to work with partner hospitals and their community organizations to specifically ensure birth equity for women and color and to measurably reduce severe pregnancy complications. Addressing issues like nutrition, transportation, access to peer counselors and familiar advocates, culturally-sensitive education, compliance, communication, and childcare are critical to delivering comprehensive healthcare for all "four trimesters" of pregnancy  and to address health inequities that put under-served communities at risk for severe pregnancy complications and maternal death.

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