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 Every Resilient Mom community is anchored by a healthcare system/hospital determined to make a difference in the lives of the women they care for regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. 


Resilient Mom Program (RMP) is an unprecedented hospital-based strategy to reduce
maternal and infant morbidity and mortality in populations of color. RMP is anchored by a
smart phone app and linked social media that is designed to attract and engage women of color in
the earliest stages of their pregnancies addressing the most important factors in preventing
serious and sometimes fatal pregnancy complications.

These factors include improving diet and exercise, seeking early community and medical
support, and availing themselves of social determinant support in order to improve their
lifestyle and to prevent serious and costly pregnancy complications.

Resilient Mom helps hospitals and healthcare payors face one of the greatest crisis today: rising maternal and child health morbidity and mortality. Perinatal and postpartum pregnancy complications are not only costly in the loss of life and suffering but also in medical error lawsuits and ongoing litigation.


The Resilient Mom educational platform helps the provider deliver safer care at a lower cost and enables hospitals to connect to women, the community, and the data for better population health management.


At a core cost of only $30,000 per year, a hospital will see immediate returns on investment with more satisfied and healthier patients receiving earlier prenatal care and feeling more confident coming into the labor and delivery experience.

The unique foundation of Resilient Mom is the innovative two-step
process of attracting the medically high-risk pregnant mom with a non-medical app that
connects her with trusted community resources, familiar peers, and racially-respectful
education that then “invites” her to first-trimester medical care and social determinant support
– crucial and proven aspects of better healthcare outcomes for herself and her baby.

All information and resources on the Resilient Mom app and social media is customized to the individual hospital, its community partners, and the social needs of women. Resilient Mom provides a turnkey platform for app customization, effective social media, community advocacy, and development.


Jeff Bonar, Ph.D.
CEO & Informatics
Tiffany McKever,, MS, MBA
COO & Service Delivery
Tanya Abreu, M.A..
VP Growth, Marketing