Hospital Connection
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Resilient Mom's distinct superpower for hospitals, healthcare providers, and payors is our ability to attract and engage first trimester patients. Attracting pregnant women of color to a trusted culturally-respectful community of support is critical to ensuring that they get essential first trimester care, have access to social determinant support, and begin to treat high risk conditions that can easily become life threatening and expensive to treat if not discovered early.

As CDC data confirms, it is the 60% of all women that do not get first trimester that are at the highest risk for severe pregnancy complications and maternal and infant death. Resilient Mom is an integral part of a hospital's safer birth strategy to attract and care for under-served pregnant women who fall into that 60% majority.

With Resilient Mom, hospital and healthcare systems not only CONNECT to the individual mom to navigate her to prenatal care but they also CONNECT to the community in a circle of care and support for the best possible health and social outcomes for women of color.


Resilient Mom's white label customization allows each anchor hospital to collaborate with community
groups to customize the platform including language, content, and images in order to better reach under-served  patient populations. Resilient Mom orchestrates a network of local women, regional social media influencers, community doulas, and extensive maternal child public resources so that every woman has the equal opportunity for a joyful and safe birth experience.  


Once a woman has downloaded a hospital's Resilient Mom pregnancy app, she has ongoing access to education, resources, reminders, provider-patient communication, videos, promotions, events, transportation, childcare, breastfeeding support, and other community touch points to thrive during her pregnancy, labor, delivery, and fourth (postpartum) trimester.