Mom's Connection

Like more than 80% of Americans, pregnant women look to the internet first about health, wellness, and pregnancy.  They look to their mobile phones to find out the symptoms of pregnancy, to follow pregnant and new mom influencers/bloggers, and to participate in chat rooms and social media.
Resilient Mom allows your hospital to offer women of color in the community a culturally-curated app that reflects their understanding, questions, language, images of beauty, cultural perspective, favorite influencers, and concerns about the high rate of pregnancy complications for women of color in the U.S.
Resilient Mom will become a focal point for new moms of color in your community for a safer and healthier birth experience.
Resilient Mom is a virtual gathering place that positions your hospital as an anchor for culturally-respectful and equitable maternity care.
When you license the Resilient Mom platform, you are not using our app, images, social media and community connections, you are using your own, tailored to the local community needs, resources, and strengths while amplifying your collective voice and messages. Our content, which you make into YOUR content, includes award winning video animations of the developing baby, week-by-week questions and answers, articles about general pregnancy health as well as lifestyle tips about pregnancy diet, fashion, fitness, and sex.